US-based Guyanese stabbed to neck during fight with friend


A US-based Guyanese was stabbed to the neck on Monday with a broken beer bottle during a fight with his friend. The incident occurred at Camp Site, Kwakwani Park, Upper Berbice. 

A Police report said that 47-year-old Charles Crawford called ‘Charlo’, a mechanic, who resides locally at Kwakwani Park, Upper Berbice was stabbed on Monday at around 23:50 hours.

Crawford came to Guyana on Boxing Day and is presently staying at his mother-in-law, Genevie Phipps’ residence at Kwakwani Park. On the day in question, Crawford left the home and went to a lime with some friends, including the suspect, who is known to him. 

They were all consuming alcohol.

While there, Police said Crawford consumed a bottle of Guinness. The suspect then began hurling “embarrassing remarks” at Crawford such as “he get nuff money and a lot of assets”. When Crawford told the suspect to desist, he (the suspect) picked up two beer bottles from off the ground, broke them, and approached him.

Crawford walked away but the suspect followed behind. Crawford then picked up two beer bottles and pelted them towards the suspect.  However, they did not hit him. Shortly after, the men ended up in a scuffle under a zinc fence.  At the time, the suspect had the broken beer bottles in his hands. Two males parted the fight after which Crawford observed that he was bleeding from the right side of his neck.

Crawford was taken to the Kwakwani Hospital where he was admitted as a patient. Checks were made for the suspect but he was not found. Police are continuing their investigations.


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