Police Force gets newly calibrated speed guns


Traffic Chief Senior Superintendent Ramesh Ashram, in collaboration with the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), on Wednesday held a demonstration on the use of speed guns at the GMSR&SC, South Dakota Circuit. 

The initiative is part of a collaborative effort between the Guyana Police Force and GNBS to ensure that all speed guns and breathalyzer machines are accurately calibrated. 

Traffic laws dictate the speed you must travel at, the manoeuvres you can make, where you can and cannot drive and how you must drive in certain situations. 

The recent acquisition of a MultiRadar Compact Device by the GNBS to calibrate speed guns will optimize the credibility of the Traffic Department. 

The Traffic Department has acquired a few LTI 20/20 Trucam II Photo/Video Laser speed guns which will actively be used in proving more than just speeding. 

The ultimate versatility of the TruCam speed gun will allow traffic ranks to assess the speed of multiple vehicles at a time – if a driver is following too closely, driving too aggressively, obstructing traffic, distracted, and seat belt violations.

The Traffic Chief explained that “239 traffic ranks have been trained and certified in keeping with US standards in the use of the breathalyzer, speed gun, and tint-o-meter.” 

He also noted that the newly acquired speed guns will enhance the work of the traffic ranks who are conducting speeding exercises. As of Wednesday, these speed guns have been calibrated and issued with a certificate to be used.

Also present were Executive Director (ag) of the GNBS Ramrattie Karran; Head of the Legal Metrology Department Shailendra Rai; Solutions Architect Manager of JENOPIK Corlan McDonald and Police Sergeant Richard Trotz along with other ranks of the Traffic Department and officials of the GNBS.



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