Minister Todd calls on religious leaders to promote ‘One Guyana’ concept

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Religious leaders are being called upon to help the government achieve the ‘One Guyana’ vision to create a united society.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd, M.P, said as policymakers, the government wants Guyana to achieve greatness, where its people could have wealth, prosperity and a peaceful environment.

Minister Todd made those comments as he attended a Good Friday service in Linden, Region 10 at the Praise Tabernacle Assembly of God Church. Addressing the congregation, the minister reminded that the government is there to serve, and wants to work with religious leaders across the country to make Guyana a better place.

“The President has championed a ‘One Guyana’ initiative. That initiative encompasses many facets of what we are trying to achieve, that oneness, that unity, that togetherness, love and respect for each other and we cannot do it alone. We also have to rely on Pastor Sills and other religious leaders across Guyana of different faiths and different religions, to ensure that we can bring the people of Guyana together, as one.”

The minister highlighted that the recent National Day of Fasting and Prayers was aimed at inclusion. He noted that religious leaders play an important role in holding the fabric of society together, and instilling values needed to help the country progress.

He added, “That value system is what we need. All of the wealth and all of the infrastructural development and advancement will not help us if we do not have a strong and rigid value system, and we get that from our religious leaders, and you can depend on the President and this government to ensure that we can also provide you with the policies that would allow us to develop that value system that is important for us as a people, and as a nation.”

On a recent visit to the township, Minister Todd had restated the administration’s support to the youth and overall community development. In Region 10, the government is collaborating with international partners, and the local private sector to roll out development programmes that will impact communities in a major way.


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