Citizens delighted with new Mandela Avenue to Eccles highway

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Citizens are extremely happy with the newly commissioned $2.6 billion Mandela Avenue, Georgetown to Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD) highway, another commitment fulfilled by the PPP/C administration to improve the livelihood of citizens. 

On Saturday the Department of Public Information (DPI), took to the streets to get the views of citizens on the highway following the official opening on Thursday by President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

Several minibus drivers and passers-by, said the highway will significantly minimise the traffic congestion on the East Bank Demerara highway.

Sidartha Pasramen, a Grove minibus driver said, “Well actually I would say that it is a pretty much great initiative because it actually will reduce and curb the crazy congestion of traffic on the East Bank, so it is a good initiative so the traffic could be eased.” 

William Gomes, another minibus driver utilising the route shared similar sentiments. “Yeah, yeah it gon ease the traffic a lot on the road. I being honest with ya it gon ease de traffic.”

Bernard Benjamin, said though it’s a great initiative, he would like to see the highway extended further. He shared, “It will be great because remember now is a highway right away you don’t have to do much stopping, but we do passengers and we got to stop every two corners, but I think it is a good gesture. If they could continue the road straight to Craig or Friendship it would be good.” 

Olancie Wilkinson said,“Well the four lane to Mandela road is a good road. It gon ease the traffic, but the dumpsite road, I think they should finish the dumpsite road. So, the traffic will be less. It will be lil more lesser traffic cah the road there you got to drive slow and it got a lot of dust there, but the time you reach Mandela, it gon be nice.” 

Joshua James, a coconut vendor, was captivated by the appearance of the new highway. “The place look nice man. The place look unique and thing. The place look strange it look unique man I seh is foreign you know me ain’t even know duh is Guyana.”

“Well, I feel the government make a good initiative to help ease the traffic because you know from the East Bank. It got various roads that vehicles coming out from. We got Diamond, we got Eccles and we got over the river, it got Mocha so I think it would just ease the traffic, and it gon be good. I just want they keep it up and this country gon develop man,” said Shawn George.

The road project was conceptualised by President Ali, while he was housing and water minister back in 2013. The highway will also improve accessibility for future residential, commercial and industrial developments along the East Bank Demerara.


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