Prime Minister encourages Dagg Point, Region 7 residents to take advantage of GOAL scholarships

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Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips speaking with residents of Dagg Point, Region Seven during a recent outreach

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips recently appealed to the residents of Dagg Point in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) to take advantage of the opportunity to advance their education through scholarships offered by the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL).

He said that the Government was keen on Guyanese, from all parts of the country, acquiring the necessary tools to benefit from the opportunities that will become available as Guyana continues on its rapid development trajectory.

Residents of Dagg Point, which is a few miles outside of Bartica, were also told that officials from the Public Service Ministry will visit their community to give them an understanding of the programme and how they can capitalise on the opportunity for higher learning.

He told them, “So, the GOAL scholarship is available, and I would like a lot of you here, because many of you are young people, to take this opportunity and improve your education and your professional qualifications because things are changing in Guyana and the better educated you are, the better you would be able to grasp at the opportunities that will be presented to all Guyanese”. 

The Prime Minister also assured the community that they will soon benefit from internet access. “You have an ICT hub that was constructed, and we will ensure that you have the equipment and connectivity so that you can be connected to the rest of Guyana and the rest of the world.”

Prime Minister Phillips also stressed that the Government believes in development hence the $3.7b budgeted for the Regional Democratic Council to execute works in the interest of the people.

He mentioned the 1.5-megawatt solar farm that is near completion and a concrete road to be built to the tune of $109m.

In September, over 60 students will be able to utilise the spanking new $29M nursery school, which is expected to be fully furnished within the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, during a meeting at St Anthony’s Primary School, the Prime Minister said that he would request that the lights stay on and called on residents of the region to pay their most recent electricity bill to avoid disconnection.  

“As we told you before, we are not increasing the rates, we are cushioning all the increases in price for fuel, but we want to work with the people, which means the people have to work with us and we are saying you have to pay your bills. We know people have arrears, start by paying your current bill.”

He noted that with the war in Ukraine, the cost per barrel of Light Fuel Oil (LFO) is approximately US$159, much higher than previous rates. He pointed out that 60 gallons of LFO are needed to produce 1.0 MW per hour of electrical power at Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Bartica Power Plant.

“We are doing our part to keep the lights on, and you have to do your part by paying your bills… this Government is helping you but you have to help yourself,” the Prime Minister added.


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