May God bring us together and unite us as a family – President Ali in his birthday message

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President Dr. Irfaan Ali was presented with a portrait of himself by Senior ranks of the Police Force

President Dr. Irfaan Ali was treated to a medley of local tunes by the Guyana Police Force Band this morning at State House to commemorate his birthday. The Head of State was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner ‘Administration’ acting Calvin Brutus, Deputy Commissioner ‘Operations’ (ag) Ravindradat Budhram, representatives from the Office of the President including Permanent Secretary, Abena Moore, and other members of the Guyana Police Force.

He expressed his gratitude for the performance and warm sentiments extended to him. “I pray that God continues to be merciful and bless all of you and your families, keep you in good health and keep our country by extension in good health; bring us together and unite us as a family, a Guyanese family that would not only be good for the country but that would be able to strengthen every Guyanese to look out for each other. That is my greatest wish,” he said.

The President used the opportunity to reiterate his commitment to improving the lives of every Guyanese. “I promise that I will try to upkeep the high values that we are committed to. I promise that we will work towards ensuring that every Guyanese, their lives become better.”  

President Ali was also presented with a token from the Permanent Secretary and a portrait by local artist Randy Bentinck on behalf of the Guyana Police Force.


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