Woman stabs brother during argument over their father’s medical condition


Mahendra Mohabir called “Baggie,” 30, of Lancaster Village, Corentyne, Berbice was on Friday stabbed by his 28-year-old sister. The incident occurred at around 19:50 h.

A Police report said that Mohabir disclosed that his father was at his Lancaster Village, Corentyne, Berbice home imbibing with a few family members. He said that he then decided to take his father home at Ulverston Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

On arrival at his father’s home, Mohabir recounted that his sister was standing on the bridge in front of the yard. A heated argument ensued between them over their father’s medical condition.

Mohabir said that he took his father into the yard and warned his sister not to beat the elderly man since she is in the habit of doing so.

As a result, the argument got more intense and their mother, Rita Nanda eventually came out of the house with a cutlass. She dealt Mohabir a lash to his chest with the cutlass. His sister then ran into the house and armed herself with a knife which she used to stab her brother to his left hand.

The neighbours were alerted and came to his aid.  Mohabir managed to ride  his pedal cycle home to

Lancaster Village from where he was taken to the Port Mourant Public Hospital by relatives.

He was examined, treated, and placed under observation at the emergency section. His condition is listed as stable. His sister was arrested and taken to the Whim Police Station. 

Investigations are ongoing.


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