Woman, 50, robbed of jewellery, cash at her home


A 50-year-old woman was on Tuesday robbed of her wedding ring and other valuables as she was about to exit her Chiney Road, Moblissa Highway, Linden home. The armed robbery took place at around 13:12 hours. 

A Police report said that when the woman opened the door to exit her home, she was confronted by a 51-year-old man who is known to her. The suspect grabbed onto her neck and told her, “I want the money or I will kill you”.

He uttered the words while pointing a knife at her face.  Fearful for her life, the woman handed over $45,000 in cash; a gold wedding ring valued at $70,000; a gold finger ring with a white stone valued at $40,000, and a Samsung J2 cellular phone valued at $45,000.

The suspect then made good his escape while the victim raised an alarm.  The Police were summoned and the suspect was apprehended at a roadblock in a hire car. 

A search was conducted on him and the mentioned articles were found on his person along with $2,900 in cash. He was told of the allegation, cautioned, and admitted to robbing the woman.

He was then placed into custody pending investigation.  

The articles were shown to the victim and she identified them as her property. Investigations are ongoing.


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