WCD taxi driver robbed twice in one week


A taxi driver attached to the Caribbean Temptation Base is now living in fear after being robbed twice in one week by five passengers.

The victim has been identified as 49-year-old Ashim Iabrahim, also known as “Papo” of De William, West Coast Demerara (WCD).

On the first robbery, the 49-year-old taxi driver said that he received a call requesting to pick up two individuals at about 7:15hrs on June 15 at Anna Catherina, WCD.

Upon picking up the two passengers, he noticed two men who requested to be dropped off at Hague, WCD.

Upon reaching Hague, Iabrahim said that one of the men told him to stop at a dark location because he wanted to urinate. The driver agreed and pulled the vehicle over.

The 49-year-old victim Ashim Iabrahim

“When I stop by the spot, them exit the car and pull out a knife and came in front open the door and took my wallet, my car keys along with the remote and my phone and they told me to come out the car, I have to go in the trunk,” a traumatized Iabrahim relayed.

The victim said he tried to put up a fight, but the suspects still placed him in the car trunk.

“Same time I spot a car light coming in the road and I run as fast as meh can and the driver of the car pull over, and I told him what happened, and he approached the car with me but the man them run in the area and hide since the place bin dark.”

He said after he noticed the men were gone, he had an extra key which he used to drive the car to the station, where he made a report.

“Them get away with $163,000 in cash, my wallet with all my documents them and the phone, that was a Samsung A11 and meh keys and car alarm remote.”

However, on June 17, two days after the first robbery, Iabrahim stated that he was at the base drinking when he was approached by two identifiable women – one called “Manda” and a male, “Eon.”

“Eon and we were drinking together as time pass; at 00:30hrs, it started to rain, and the woman said they wanted to go home, and they ask if I will drop them, so I said yes.”

The man said Eon sat at the front of the car while Manda and the other woman sat at the back. They then requested to be dropped off at Anna Catherina.

Upon reaching there, the man said, “one of the women said, take them to the third street. When I turn in the street, Eon tell me take he to fourth street that he going by some “Fat gyal.” When I got to fourth street, one if the girl tell me to stop at Ajai’s shop, she want to pee. So, when I stop there, she stretch forward, and she pulled my phone and come out the car, and she run to the shop.”

The traumatized man explained that after she ran to the shop with his phone, he turned off the car’s engine, collected the key, and exited the vehicle.

As he exited the vehicle and approached the woman for his phone, he said, ” she started to say she don’t have it, and she walked and run over to an old abandoned house. Manda then said to Eon, hold him down and check his pocket and see how much money he get.”

The man said as he stood right by Ajai shop, Eon held him down, and Manda went into his pocket and took his wallet, which had $32,000 in cash. They also took his keys that were hooked to his belt.

“Eon lose me and went to Manda, and them bin a check the wallet to see if it had money and I remember I had a spare key in my pocket and I run to the car and lock myself in.”

The victim related that he then drove off and went back to the base and told his colleagues what transpired – they advised him to make a report.

He said he then went to the Lenora Police Station and reported the incident, and an investigation was launched. As a result, Eon and Manda were both arrested but were later released on bail.

“I showed up to the station for an update but got none, and nothing as yet came out of the story, and I believe that the robbery was linked to the first one and that these people does work together. A friend gave me their photo, and I decided that I will approach the media for help so that these people can get lock up, them police na do nothing to help.”


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