Venezuelan national shot dead at Baramita


Police are currently investigating the murder of a Venezuelan national known as ‘Dorion’, whose age and other particulars are unknown at this time.

Reports indicate that Dorion was killed at Return, Baramita, North West District by an unknown suspect.

A Police report said that on Thursday at 19:55 hours, residents in the area heard several loud explosions suspected to be gunshots and simultaneously heard someone screaming.

As a result, a report was made at the Baramita Police Station via cellphone.  

Police ranks visited the area where they observed the Venezuelan national lying motionless on the ground with suspected gunshot wounds to his face, chest, and back.

The unconscious man was rushed to Baramita Health Centre where he was pronounced dead on arrival by the medex. A post mortem examination will be conducted on his remains soon. Investigations are ongoing.


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