‘Vending on public roadways is outlawed’ – Attorney General issues strong reminder to M&CC amid debacle over the removal of New Market Street Vendors


Attorney General, Anil Nandlall has accused the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of deviating from is mandate to clear roadways from illegal encumbrances by seemingly authorizing them. His remarks come in the wake of the controversy over the removal of several New Market Street vendors who operate in front of the Georgetown Public Hospital the Ministry of Public Works.

Nandlall reminded that selling goods on the side of the road is against the law during a live broadcast of his weekly program, “Issues in the News.”

“First of all, it is a criminal act to encumber public roadways, streets, pathways and parapets,” he noted.

He said that the Mayor and City Council is one of the organizations, a component of the state structure, that has a responsibility to remove these obstructions from public roads, but based on all appearances, the council is actually doing the exact opposite.

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

“We have a Mayor and City Council who are apparently authorizing these criminal illegalities across the city. In fact, some persons will produce receipts to show that they are paying to encumber public roadways,” the Attorney General added.

He also maintained that these obstructions endanger public safety and cause traffic dangers.

The Ministry of Public Works’ ruthless removal of the vendors, according to Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine, was barbaric. He said that he concurs that they should to be moved to a different location where they can continue their business.

The vendors have also stated that they are open to moving as soon as they are given another location continue plying their trade.

The final notice to leave was sent to vendors by the Ministry of Public Works on Monday, December 12. On Monday night, instructions were given to employees of the Ministry to facilitate the removal caravans from New Market Street using tow trucks. Following much resistance from the vendors, the process was stopped.


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