UK tourist visa waiver comes with important requirement that citizens must safeguard-President Ali

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President Dr Irfaan Ali and British High Commissioner to Guyana, Jane Miller

President Dr Irfaan Ali has praised the decision by the Government of the United Kingdom (UK) to remove the requirement of visitor visas for Guyanese travellers from November 9. 

The announcement was made by the British High Commissioner to Guyana, Jane Miller, during a press conference at her residence on Tuesday. 

President Ali explained that the idea of the visa waiver is not isolated to strengthening relationships and building out opportunities, but it is an important pillar in developing people-to-people contact and expanding the tourism market. 

“Today’s announcement will open immense opportunities, not only because of trade but now in looking at Guyana as an important hub in servicing the region itself,” he said. 

The President also underscored that the waiver comes with important responsibilities that every citizen must safeguard. He said that the PPP Government will work closely with the UK government to strengthen the system and to ensure that there is no abuse. 

According to Miller, from November 9, nationals of Guyana will not be required to apply for a visitor visa to travel to the UK for travel up to six months. Visa requirements for work, study and settlement routes in the UK remain in place, she noted. 

Miller highlighted that the removal of the visa requirement is a “real sign” of the flourishing UK-Guyana relationship.  The visa waiver, Miller pointed out, will boost many opportunities between Guyana and the United Kingdom.  

President Ali disclosed that this agreement was reached following discussions between former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and King Charles III.


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