Two men arrested as Police find $12.5M worth of marijuana in car


A driver and a passenger are currently in Police custody after the discovery of $12.5M worth of marijuana in a motorcar they were travelling in.

At around 16:30 hours on Sunday, Police ranks conducted a roadblock at Weldaad Public Road, West Coast Berbice (WCB) where they intercepted motorcar PYY 9885 which was occupied by two men- the driver and a passenger.

The male passenger immediately exited the motorcar and started to walk away. As a result, he was apprehended and searched but nothing illegal was found on his person.  

The same routine was performed on the driver which unearthed nothing illegal.

A search was then carried out on the motorcar and seven bulky parcels containing a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis sativa were found. 

The Police brought this to the attention of the driver who admitted that the suspected cannabis belongs to him. He was told of the offence, cautioned, and arrested. He told the Police that he was hired by the passenger.

The suspected cannabis and motorcar along with the driver and passenger were taken to the Police station. The marijuana, when weighed, amounted to 113 kilogrammes, 636 grammes. Police said that the illicit drug has a street value of $12.5 million.

Both men have been placed in Police custody pending further investigations and charges.


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