Tourism Awareness Month: Tour specials will stimulate internal markets, increase economic activity- GTA Director


Over 16 tour specials are available this year, as the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) continues its celebration of Tourism Awareness Month, under the theme: “Preparing for a New Frontier, Stimulating Innovation and New Businesses within the Tourism Sector.”

Deputy Director of the GTA,  Kamrul Baksh, said the tour special will stimulate internal markets while increasing economic activities across the country. He spoke to the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Friday at Giftland Mall where the specials were being advertised.

“The intention here is to offer to the travelling public, packages that are of course at a reduced rate, and we want to encourage so by slashing the prices or reducing the prices, we’re hoping to stimulate travel particularly for the domestic market… so, there’s a diversity of packages here on offer and it’s a once in a year opportunity for persons to get out there and to experience the destination Guyana.”

According to Baksh, the GTA and partners will be engaging in the development of different tour experiences, which will commence on November 26. Among the companies offering services is Blackwater Adventures. 

Owner of Blackwater Adventures, Dylan Ross said the company’s service focuses on friendly and accessible tours in Region Six. “Some of our main tours are Fort Nassau. We also do a sunset tour on the Canje creek and that includes, if you want, a caiman spotting and catching. We also do fishing trips in different parts of Guyana, as well. Our entire focus is to have family-friendly, accessible tours again primarily in Region Six,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Representative of Bimichi Lodge, Abigail Ally, also shared some of the activities that will be experienced when on the tour. “We’re giving locals and even foreigners the opportunity to take advantage of this tour…it’s a day trip, so it includes transportation, meals and we have six activities, some of the activities are: we have tibisiri demonstration, cultural dance, also top-spinning, we also have wine tasting, so it will be a fun-filled day,” she said.

Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond, while at the launch of Tourism Awareness Month on November 1, said Guyana is the destination for eco-tourism to flourish, especially in the hinterland regions. She said the government will be investing in the tourism sector to offer “attractive incentives” for local citizens and tourists.

“Our country is uniquely positioned as a premier destination for eco-tourism with numerous eco-lodges and camping sites, especially throughout the interior regions, with an understanding of the still untapped potential. The Government of Guyana will soon publish expressions of interest for the development of new eco-lodges and resorts, offering attractive incentives,” she noted.

The special tours being offered will allow persons to visit various destination sites across the country.

Owner of Blackwater Adventures, Mr. Dylan Ross aims to promote friendly and accessible tours
Deputy Director of GTA, Mr. Kamrul Baksh
Representative of Bimichi Lodge, Ms. Abigail Ally showcasing her products


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