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Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai

Following the handing over of an investigative report conducted the village leader of Karasabi Village, North Rupununi,Toshao Marlon Edwards was today removed from office. The report that was handed over showed that the leader had misused village funds.

The report was conducted by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs  and was based on allegations of financial misconduct and the unauthorized spending of village funds without the consent of the village council.

A recommendation included in the report was the immediate removal of the leader from his post. The report also recommended that the matter of unauthorized spending of village funds be referred to the police for further investigation.

The report sparked mixed reactions from the villagers since some villagers believe that the investigation was grounded in political vindictiveness. While others said that the removal of the leader was timely and in keeping with the Amerindian Act.

Minister Pauline Sukhai had written to Toshao Marlon Edwards on June 3, 2022, and informed him that she had received a petition from the Village Council calling for his removal. The minister then, according to Section 28(1) of the Amerindian Act, appointed a committee to investigate the allegations.

The minister during the handing over of the report urged villagers to hold their leaders accountable for their actions. She noted that allowing leaders to get away with such actions would be counterproductive to development.

Former Toshao of Karasabi Village , Marlon Edwards


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