Timothy Jonas elected Chairman of ANUG



A New and United Guyana (ANUG) held its Annual General Meeting today July 13, 2021. In his opening remarks, General Secretary of the party, Mr. Ramkarran thanked members for their role and unwavering support in ensuring the integrity of the 2020 elections results and expressed his view that it was the sterling efforts of our members which have brought the name of ANUG to national prominence. Ramkarran mentioned that members from the government, civil society and international stakeholders have reached out as a result of the party’s performance over the election period. He mentioned that the party must strive to reach out to both sides of the political cross-section.

Chairman of the party, Mr. Jonas, spoke about the party’s outreach efforts leading up to the elections and commended the result of the joinder seat. Jonas recounted the experiences of party members who witnessed the events at the Ashmin’s building and lauded their role in the collective movement along with the interventions of various international leaders to ensure the sanctity of our democracy.

Expressing his vision for the future of the party, Jonas emphasized the need for fresh faces and ideas moving forward and mentioned that we must not relent to empower the thinking voters who have rejected race politics.

After the conclusion of the protracted elections process, ANUG has reached out to the communities who have given the party an ear and have thanked them, explained the party’s plans to continue building goodwill.

Jonas emphasized that it is for the new executive to determine the direction of the party and work together to build Guyana.

The meeting concluded with the election of the new executives to the following posts: Chairman – Timothy Jonas

General secretary – Ralph Ramkarran

Assistant General secretary – Altria King

Finance secretary – to be determined as there were 2 persons with the same number of votes.

Organizing secretary – Kian Jabour

Committee members (10): Alex D’Aguiar; Stephen Patterson; Mark France; Celina Krishna; Bruce Comacho; Mary Correia; Niall Stanton; Javeed Ally; Bhavita Sukh and Dirk Walker.

ANUG extends a warm thank you to all its members and supporters and congratulates the new executives on their success at the elections.


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