Thieves break into house, cart off barrels filled with household appliances


Thieves allegedly carted off three barrels containing household appliances from the USA after they broke into a house at Amelia’s Ward, Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice). The owner of the items, a 35-year-old woman told the Police that the incident occurred between Sunday and Tuesday.

According to the Police, enquiries disclosed that the woman works in Georgetown but visits Linden every weekend to check on the said house and would ensure everything is intact. Last week Friday, she collected the barrels and took them to her mother’s home. 

The following day, she carried the barrels over to her place and left for Georgetown. However, on Tuesday while at work in Georgetown, she received a phone call from her mother who indicated to her that the house was broken into. As such, she travelled to Linden.

Upon arrival, she discovered the barrels containing the household appliances and other items were removed from her house. The Police said that the thieves gained through a kitchen window and exited through the back door. Investigations are ongoing.


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