Teleperformance aims to create 1000-plus jobs in 2022

CEO of Teleperformance (Guyana) Luis Barreto

Teleperformance (Guyana) has been urged to expand its operations beyond the boundaries of Georgetown, Region Four. The invitation was extended by Senior Minister within the Office of the President with responsibility for finance Dr. Ashni Singh.

Dr. Singh was delivering the feature address as the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company’s fifth anniversary in Guyana.

Minister Singh said the government’s liberalisation of the telecommunications sector has made expansion for BPOs much easier. He said he would like to see the company leading the regional expansion in places like Essequibo and Berbice.

“I would like to encourage you to consider those destinations because we want those jobs. The tremendous growth that you have achieved here thus far, can be replicated and expanded upon elsewhere. So, as you consider that Caribbean expansion, I would urge you to consider regional expansion within Guyana to other towns beyond Georgetown.”

By August 2020, the BPO industry in Guyana had in its employ some 2,906 persons.  From then to now, the sector has seen an increase of 1,229 persons, taking the total to 4,135.

The finance minister said the government welcomes the advancement of more value-added services.

“We would like to see more value-added services and within the sector, there is tremendous potential for value-added services to be delivered. We know we have a sufficiently talented pool of people in Guyana to be able to adapt to the delivery of the more value-added services that BPOs can deliver,” Minister Singh stated.

He said, too, that the government is committed to working with BPOs in their expansion and development.

“You have in this government, a partner that recognises the vastness and potential of the BPO sector. We view the sector in an extremely positive light and you can be assured that we are committed to continue working with you very closely… we see the BPO sector as a sector that has more potential than most other sectors to create jobs for young Guyanese,” Dr. Singh reminded.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Teleperformance (Guyana), Luis Barreto said the company has had five exceptional years of operating in Guyana. He noted that the company be expanding its services in the country.

The CEO said the company will create “a 1000 plus new jobs in 2022”.  He added, “That is the number that we are committing to the company, that is the number that I am committing to Guyana and that is the number that I am committing to all of you… with 1000 new jobs, we are going to be creating 100 or more staff supervisory management director positions in the next 12 months.”

The company plans to expand its operations in Georgetown by establishing a new facility that could house 800 workstations. In Guyana, the company employs 1,200 staff serving seven clients in the United States.




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