Teen nabbed with unlicenced gun, ammo at Puruni Landing


An 18-year-old man was on Saturday found with an unlicenced firearm and ammunition by Police ranks who were carrying out patrol duties at Puruni Landing, Region Seven.

They Break News understands that a party of Policemen on foot patrol observed the man acting suspiciously. 

He was approached and a search was conducted on a shoulder bag that he was carrying around his neck. 

The ranks unearthed a silver and black .32 Taurus revolver with its serial numbers filed off along with four live matching rounds of ammunition in the barrel. 

He was asked by ranks if he was licenced to carry the gun and he replied in the negative. As such, he was told of the offence committed, cautioned, and arrested. 

He then claimed that the gun and ammunition belonged to his uncle. Checks were made for the uncle but he was not contacted. 

The teen was escorted to the Bartica Police Station where the firearm and ammunition were marked and lodged. He remains in custody pending charges.


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