Suspected bandit dies from gunshot wounds during alleged home invasion at La Grange

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The suspected bandit

See the below report from the Guyana Police Force:

Police in Regional Division #3 are investigating an alleged incident involving Anil Singh,  a 34-year-old businessman of Lot 3 Unity Street La Grange, W.B.D, his wife Christina Singh, a 32-year-old businesswoman of the said address, and a man whose name was given as Learone Forde.

The incident occurred at about 01:30 hrs this morning (Wednesday) at the above-mentioned address.  The scene was visited at about 01:45 hrs by D/ASP Grant, Sgt Connell, Sgt Douglas, and a party of policemen.

Enquiries disclosed that the victims (Anil Singh and his wife Christina) are business owners, and for the past five months they have been living in an apartment at Lot 3 Unity Street La Grange.

The apartment is attached to the northern side of a two-storied concrete structure at the said address in a well-fenced yard. 

The yard of the said apartment can be accessed through a metal gate which is facing in an eastern direction and is secured by means of bolt and padlock and it is parallel to the La Grange public road which is running north to south. 

On 2022-07-26, at about 22:00 hours, the victims went to sleep and at about 01:15 hrs they were awokened by the sound of a window to their apartment being forcefully opened. 

Anil Singh got up and armed himself with his licensed .32 Taurus Pistol and stood behind the door of his bedroom while his wife and child remain on their bed.

It is alleged that two suspects – one armed with a cutlass and one with a crowbar then rushed into their bedroom and one of them was allegedly shot in the leg by Anil Singh causing him to fall to the ground and the other escaped in an unknown direction.

The suspect that was shot in the bedroom allegedly began to beg Anil Singh to take his life by shooting him (according to the wife) but he refused and a scuffle ensued between them which resulted in several rounds of ammunition being discharged which caused injuries to both Anil Singh and the suspect. 

The matter was reported to the Police and upon arrival at the scene, one of the suspects was discovered lying in a pool of blood, with several gunshot wounds about the head and body while Anil Singh also had gunshot wounds about his body.

The area was canvassed for CCTV cameras. The scene was processed and 5 spent shells of .32 ammunition, four live rounds  and two metal fragments suspected to be war heads, were also found at the scene. 

Anil Singh was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he was seen by a Doctor and admitted as a patient for injuries received, while the suspect was taken to the Ezekiel Funeral home awaiting a post mortem.  

The deceased at the time was unidentified – but his name was later learnt to be Learone Forde. His age and address are unknown at this time. 

The gun was lodged. The wife (Christina) is currently in custody assisting with the investigation.


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