Still-unemployed workers laid off by Troy Resources yet to receive severance pay


Australian gold mining company, Troy Resources still has not paid dozens of workers it laid off about four months ago. 

Several of the former workers, who are still unemployed, reached out to They Break News to publicise the royal run-around they have been facing to receive their severance package.

This publication understands that the workers were laid off in early September 2021. Speaking with this news entity, several of the workers explained that the company laid off over 100 workers periodically between August and October of this year.

According to the workers, the company promised them that they would be contacted within six weeks to resume working or to receive their entitlementss based on the terms of their contracts. However, to date, they were not contacted.

The workers added that several calls to the establishment have gone unanswered. Also, they said that when they visited the company’s head office, they were denied entry into the compound by the security guards who told them that “no one was in the building”.

Troy Resources, the workers said, told them that they are awaiting monies from Australia to begin processing their payments.

The workers are now pleading with the company for their monies as they have been unable to pay bills and provide for their families for the Christmas season.

One of the former employees said that he worked with the company for over seven years and needs his money.

In June 2021,  Troy Resources announced that it would terminate 200 workers due to the downsizing of operations at its Karouni gold mine in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

Of its some 300 employees, it was reported that the company would only retain between 70 and 80 of them as skeleton staff.


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