Man stabs neighbour who told him to stop abusing his mother


A 28-year-old man is currently on the run after he stabbed his neighbour who told him to stop abusing his mother. According to reports, the suspect went home intoxicated Wednesday night around 23:00 hrs, and told his 61-year-old mother that he wants his food.

The elderly woman told him to serve himself. The suspect became annoyed and threw the pot with the food on the ground and started to abuse his mother verbally.

Police Headquarters said that 33-year-old Anil Samsudeen, of Parika Outfall, Sea Dam, East Bank Essequibo, who lives next door heard the confrontation and went over to enquire.

Samsudeen then cautioned the suspect to desist from abusing his mother but he continued.
The suspect then asked Samsudeen if he wants to do something about it and he replied “if you want to do something come do it”.

The suspect then armed himself with a black knife, walked up to the Samsudeen and dealt him a stab to the abdomen, and made good his escape.

As a result, Samsudeen was taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. His condition is listed as critical.

Checks were made for the suspect but he was not found. The area was checked and the weapon used was recovered by the Police. Further investigations are underway.


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