Sleepin Hotel staffer steals US$2500 from guest


A Sleep-in Hotel staffer was arrested for allegedly stealing US$2500 from a guest who had left the money in an in-room safe. 

In a brief interview with this publication, an overseas-based Guyanese told this publication that he had booked a room with the Sleep-in Hotel, which is located at Church Street, and was expecting to have a wonderful time here. 

However, it was short-lived after the money intended for shopping purposes went missing. 

After the guest was aware that the money was missing, he was alerted that it was one of the male staff, and as such, the Police were called in, and the suspect was arrested. 

Speaking to this publication, one of the guests said, “We put the money in the safe and like the boy de watching when me wife put in the code, next thing when we go out, the money gone, boy that ain’t nice at all, we complain, and they lock he up, and we get back the money, was not nice at all.” 

Meanwhile, when contacted, the owner of the hotel, Clifton Bacchus, said that he was out of the country at the time of the incident while noting that the matter is being investigated.


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