Skylines Architecture- looking ahead and pursuing possibilities.


To be an architect is to look up, even before putting pencil to paper, they look up to buildings, to see limits and ways around them and to pursue possibilities. 

Skylines Architecture, the most leading architecture firm in Guyana is not only looking up but also looking ahead, with architects who value the transformative role of ideas and the capacity for architecture to inspire.  

The firm which is located at Lot 28, Third Street,  Albertown was established in August of 2020 by Sunny Kissoon, who in an exclusive interview with this publication, stated that the main goal of his firm is to not only provide architectural designs, but to be of distinctive value with unique and modern designs which will beautify Guyana in the process. 

Skylines Architecture specialises in 3D visualised designs, building designs, renovation designs and construction consultation. The company boasts the synthesis of aesthetics and functionality to create a product that surpasses the expectations of their clients.

Attain a superior design through the engagement of exceptional practices, principles, and people while receiving  rigorous personal service and exemplary results for yourself and your dream home.

Contact Skylines Architecture on (592)- 647 1500


Facebook: Skylines Architecture 



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