Six injured as intoxicated driver loses control of car, slams into concrete structure

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Six persons were injured during the wee hours of Monday after an intoxicated man lost control of the motorcar they were travelling in and slammed into a concrete structure along Main Road, New Amsterdam, Berbice. The accident involved motorcar PXX 3973 driven by 21-year-old Kirk Munroe of 137 Vryman’s Erven Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam, Berbice. 

The occupants of the vehicle included: Kevin Munroe, 19, also of 137 Vryman’s Erven Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam, Berbice; Dexter Welcome, 21, of 219 M&TC Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam, Berbice; Shemroy Hoyte, 20, of 86 Amsville Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam, Berbice; Cranston Rafael Fraser, 20, of Sister’s Village, East Bank Berbice; Rayon Rose, 20, of Sheet Anchor, East Canje, Berbice; and Nicholas Amsterdam, 20, of 45 Stanleytown New Amsterdam, Berbice.

Investigations disclosed that motorcar PXX 3973 was proceeding south along the eastern drive lane of Princess Elizabeth Public Road, New Amsterdam, Berbice at a fast rate of speed. As Kirk Munroe approached the intersection between Vryheid and Main Road, he lost control of the car, swerved west, and collided into a concrete structure on the western side of the road.

As a result of the collision, the driver and the occupants received injuries to their bodies. They were all taken out of the vehicle by public-spirited citizens in a conscious condition and taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. Fraser sustained lacerations to his forehead while the driver and the other occupants received minor cuts and bruises about their bodies. 

Fraser was transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital for further medical treatment while Hoyte and Rose were discharged from the New Amsterdam Public Hospital the same day. A breathalyzer test was conducted on the driver which gave readings of .85 and .56 micrograms of alcohol. The prescribed limit is .35 micrograms and below. 

Investigations are ongoing.


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