Security guard left with gaping wounds to face after attacked by cutlass-wielding men

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A 26-year-old security guard is hospitalised in a serious condition after he was brutally chopped by two men armed with cutlasses while he slept in a guard hut. He has been identified as Swayn David of Wismar, Linden, Region 10.

A Police report said that the incident occurred on Thursday at about 04:30h at Saint Aiden’s Primary School, Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden.

Enquiries disclosed that on the day in question, David was sleeping in the guard hut when he felt a chop to the back of his head. 

He then observed a man standing over him with a cutlass. The man then dealt him another chop to his forehead. David managed to exit the guard hut, but he was then confronted by another man who chopped him to his left hand.

The security guard told Police ranks that he ran away and went to the Wismar Hospital Complex where doctors referred him to the Mackenzie Hospital. 

He was further referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he is hospitalised in a serious but stable condition. 

The injured man is pictured with two gaping wounds measuring between five and six inches across his face. One of the wounds is on his forehead, mere centimetres from his right eye. The other wound cuts through the centre of his nose. David’s entire face is bloodied.

Police said that the brutal attack on the man was committed by two unidentifiable males. The Police also said it is unclear at this stage what is the motive behind the unlawful wounding.  Investigations are ongoing


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