Security guard (54) robbed of electric bike, phones & cash


A 54-year-old security guard was, during the wee hours of Wednesday, robbed of an electric bike valued at $100,000, two phones valued at $ 170,000, and $20,000 in cash by two males armed with a gun and cutlass.

A Police report said that the robbery occurred between 03:30hrs and 03:50hrs, just as the man was about to enter his yard at Church Street Enterprise, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The victim was about to enter his yard when he was accosted by two males – one armed with a handgun and the other armed with a cutlass – who demanded him to hand over his bike.

However, when he refused, the suspect who was armed with a handgun pointed it to his face and took away the bike’s key. As the victim tried to run into his home, the suspects rushed behind him and took away his phones and cash before making good their escape on the electric bike. 

The matter was reported to the Police; investigations continue as Police are on the hunt for the suspects.


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