Robbers tie up businesswoman, housewife with duct tape


Police are currently investigating a robbery that took place on Wednesday at around 18:30 h at Onderneeming, West Coast Demerara by three armed men. The victims are a 45-year-old businesswoman and a 21-year-old housewife.

This publication understands that both victims live in the same building but in separate apartments. The businesswoman claimed that she closed her shop at around 18:00 h and secured herself inside when her friend visited and they were conversing outside.

At this time, the three suspects came from the northern direction, held them at gunpoint, and took them into the house where they tied their hands with duct tape and a zip.

They then relieved them of their valuables which including  $900,000 in cash, a quantity of gold jewellery (value unknown), and two Blu cell phones valued at $7,500 each.

The perpetrators then went over to the housewife’s home and relieved her of a pair of gold earrings valued at $10,000, an  Amazon tablet valued at $ 15,000, a hand purse containing two silver bands, a pair of earrings (value unknown) along with $20,000 in cash.

The suspects then made good their escape on foot.  The robbery was reported to Police at around 19:00 h on the day in question. Police investigations are continuing.


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