Prices for chicken, beef, and pork remain stable at local markets

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The price for chicken, beef and pork remains stable at the local markets

Prices for chicken, beef and pork at the local markets remain stable. 

On Sunday, the Department of Public Information (DPI) visited the Bourda and La Penitence markets in Georgetown and spoke to meat vendors on and off camera about the prices for meat during the past few months. 

Tony Anthony, proprietor of Tony’s Pork Shop at the Bourda Market told DPI that pork prices remain the same compared to the past months. 

“My pork is $600 a pound and pork scarce you know,” he disclosed. 

Meanwhile, Shawn Rankin, owner of Robin’s Halal Meat Centre at the Bourda Market, said the price for chicken has remained stable for the past months. 

“Chicken is $480 a pound right now, and $640 for beef.” 

Naeem Bacchus, proprietor of Saleem Meat Centre at the La Penitence Market said, “Chicken is $500, and beef is $640. The price for the meat has been stable for the longest while now. We sell by the pound because people don’t want to pay the extra for the kilogramme.” 

John Springer, a vendor at the La Penitence market told DPI his chicken prices have been at $480 for the longest while. 

“It’s normal. It’s $480; $500 if you want it cut up. It has been increased but I try to fight the market; I can’t beat down my customers them.” 

The Ministry of Agriculture early Sunday disclosed that chicken prices are stable at various supermarkets. Chicken is being sold wholesale for between $390 and $400 and retailed at $426 at the Bounty Supermarket. Over at Royal Chicken, the meat is being wholesaled for between $360 and $390. 

Meanwhile, at Arjune’s Chicken Depot, Stratsphey, East Coast Demerara, chicken is wholesaled for between $290 and $300; the retail price is 360. At Pompy’s in Corentyne, Berbice chicken is being wholesaled for between $300 and $360 with the retail price being between $400 and $460. 

Checks at the Parika Market and several butcheries and meat centres in West Demerara also revealed that the price for meat has been stable for several months now.


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