Presidential guard who was stabbed this morning during a confrontation with a Nigerian national while on duty at State House is “currently out of danger and recovering”

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Latoya Perreira standing next to President Irfaan Ali during his visit to the GPHC this morning.

Presidential guard Telon Perreira who was stabbed this morning during a confrontation at President Ali’s official residence by a man, who has since been identified as Nigerian national Bethel Chineze, is currently out of danger and recovering. This is according to his sister Latoya Perreira who spoke with They Break News. Perreira said her brother lost a lot of blood. “He was stabbed, on his arm was one and it was swell, and on his neck which was also swell.” 

Perreira’s mom upon hearing the news that her son was attacked immediately went into a state of shock, which caused her blood pressure to fluctuate; this is according to the injured man’s sister. At the time of the interview, the mother was under observation. “When she got the news she got a bit shock, scared. So how it come her is that he got shot, but when we reach here it was stab.”

According to a press release from the Guyana Police Force, Constable Telon Perreira, was stabbed five times. President Ali earlier today visited the hospital and spoke with the relatives. The sister of the injured constable related to They Break News that President Ali assured the family that her brother will be taken care of and is receiving the best care.


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