President Ali urges residents to dispose of garbage responsibly amid flooding in Georgetown.

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Flooding in parts of Georgetown following heavy rainfall on Tuesday

Irresponsible dumping of garbage in drains and other waterways in the Georgetown led to a massive flooding in various communities in recent days. While work is ongoing to desilt drainages, President Irfaan Ali has issued a strong urging to residents against indiscriminate disposal of refuse to prevent blocking of drains and avert flooding.

The Head of State via a Facebook post lamented the indiscriminate dumping of refuse which resulted in the Princess Street, Georgetown pump becoming severely clogged. He implored citizens to act responsibly and desist from disposing garbage in drains and canals.

In a separate post, the President revealed all pumps and sluices within the Georgetown are operable and will drain the respective areas.

Main and Quamina Streets will be provided with drainage through the Church Street sluice. Hardina, Princess, Halley and Durban Streets will be drained through the Princess Street sluice.

Robb, Camp, Regent and Croal streets’ drainage will be provided via the Commerce Street sluice. East, North and South Ruimveldt will be drained via the Liliendaal pump and Ruimveldt north and south sluices.  Kitty, Campbellville, Subryanville, Bel Air and Sophia’s drainage will continue via the Kitty and Liliendaal pumps.  Queenstown and Alberttown’s drainage will be through the Cowan Street sluice and the Kitty pump.

Albouystown and North East La Penitence will be provided with drainage via the Sussex Street sluice, while Alexander village and West Ruimveldt will be drained via the North Ruimveldt sluice.  

Flood waters in North and South Ruimveldt receded quickly as a direct result of the desilting of the alleyways initiated by the Government.

Heavy rainfall which began at the weekend is likely to continue over the next few days. The Hydromet Office of Guyana has issued a severe weather warning for Wednesday, November 23, indicating that flash flooding and flooding are very likely over low lying and flood prone areas.


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