President Ali meets top performing ACCA student, Chirag Chadwani

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President Dr Irfaan Ali is flanked by top performing ACCA student, Chirag Chadwani (right) and his father, Devidas Chandwani

President Dr Irfaan Ali met with Guyana’s top performing Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) student—Chirag Chadwani, at the Office of the President, on Shiv Chanderpaul Drive on Wednesday afternoon. 

Chandwani placed number 11 globally and is the top performer in the Caribbean in the Audit and Assurance Examination, written during the ACCA December 2021 examinations.  

President Ali praised Chandwani for his accomplishment and encouraged him to ensure he has a balanced life.  

When Chandwani was 12 years old, he wrote the Caribbean Secondary Education Certification’s (CSEC) Principles of Accounts and was awarded a Grade 1.  

The young man was accompanied by his father, Devidas Chandwani. 

During an interview with ACCA Caribbean, Chandwani, among other things, shared his journey towards academic success.  The interview follows:

Chirag Chandwani, Guyana, is the Caribbean top performer in Audit and Assurance in the December 2021 exam sitting. He started his journey to ACCA in high school with the help and motivation of ATC Guyana.  

He shares, “Through this institution I met many lecturers, all of whom inspired me to do my best, and ensured my continued success by providing extra attention and support to build my strong foundation in accounting.” He self-studied for the Audit and Assurance Paper using the BPP workbook and exam kit. 

When did you start your revision for exams? 

I started revision for exams 12 weeks prior booking. 

How did you prepare for your exams? 

My study plan involved finishing the syllabus content within 4 weeks and using the remainder of my time to practice exam questions from the BPP Kit. This gave me an insight as to how questions can be tailored in different situations for examination by the marker. 

What type of ACCA study support resources did you use? 

I must commend ACCA for hosting the webinars conducted by Mr. Shameed Abraham. These definitely helped me with the exam techniques and knowledge required for my success. I used technical articles for every course, examiner’s reports and the past exam library. 

What was your main challenge with exam preparations and how did you overcome it?  

Life is a challenge, there are always ups and downs, but for every problem there is a solution. I have a full-time job and prioritizing activities (giving time to family and leisure time) and at the same time ensuring that my studies are completed was only achieved by working smarter and not necessarily harder. 

Top tip  

Time management is vital to exam success. I recommend answering every question. This will ensure that the most possible marks are gained from answering every question rather than leaving questions unanswered.


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