President Ali calls for patience as investigations continue into death of Quindon Bacchus

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The deceased, Quindon Bacchus (top left); Police officer Kristoff De Nobrega (top right); President Dr Irfaan Ali speaking with vendors at Mon Repos, ECD

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali visited the East Coast Demerara (ECD) communities of Mon Repos and Buxton on Tuesday, following protest actions over the death of 23-year-old Quindon Bacchus, which resulted in the destruction of stalls, the burning of vehicles, and robberies.

While speaking to residents at Buxton, President Ali called for persons to be patient as the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is working to conclude the report on the shooting incident by Monday.

“I called the Commissioner [of Police] and the Chairman [of the PSC] and they assured me the report will be completed early next week hopefully on Monday,” he said while noting that he cannot intervene in an independent investigation.

The President, however, stated that while justice must be served for Quinton Bacchus, a father of one, it cannot mean injustice for others.

“Justice has to be served, but justice doesn’t mean you have to burn down people stall and burn their cars and beat them up.”

He added, “I don’t want us to fall for this nonsense of having an environment that is not conducive for our children, that is not conducive for women.”

At Mon Repos, the President assured that vendors who were affected by looters will be fully compensated for their losses and that all those who were involved in the destruction of properties will face the full force of the law.

“What was done is completely wrong and there is absolutely no excuse for it…this nonsense has to stop and I made it clear that those who participated in this must be brought to justice,” the Head of State said.

The Head of State added that “Everyone has a right to let their voice be heard but no one has the right to loot and rob people.”

President Ali has called on Guyanese not to be sidetracked, and to be mindful of forces who are seeking to destroy what the country is seeking to build, which is a ‘One Guyana.’

He has also committed to engaging the residents subsequently to address the issue of job creation and empowerment, crime prevention, and the strengthening of community policing.

“I want to see companies created out of here…I am going to come back within a month’s time because we are working on a system that will create opportunities all across the areas.”

Earlier Tuesday, a protest ensued on the ECD which stemmed from false information circulating that the Police officer accused of using excessive force and killing Bacchus, was released from custody as investigations continue.

The President has since assured residents that the officers are still in custody. He said the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is conducting its investigation. He further explained that the process has commenced and tremendous progress has been made.

President Dr Irfaan Ali meeting with residents in Buxton, ECD
President Dr Irfaan Ali speaking with vendors at Mon Repos, ECD


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