Police in Suriname looking for fraudster pretending to be Guyana’s First Lady

Guyana's First Lady Arya Ali

(Sun Online)- On Monday, the Paramaribo police tracked down the suspect at his home address and arrested him for fraud, embezzlement, and theft of a necklace and bracelet. 

This man, presumably together with a Guyanese woman, devised a scenario and defrauded several jewelers. At the end of September, a woman with a Guyanese accent phoned a jewelry store in Paramaribo Noord. 

She told the jeweler that she is First Lady Arya Ali of Guyana and that she is interested in the jewelry they have posted online. She also announced that she would send her brother to view the jewelry.

The suspect took a taxi to the jewelry store. He had a necklace and bracelet retrieved from the shop window. In an unguarded moment, he disappeared with the jewelry. 

The Paramaribo detectives gathered information about the suspect and the strong arm succeeded in arresting him at his address in Winti Wai. The suspect admits wholeheartedly that he stole the jewelry and sold it for SRD 600,000. This concerns a necklace of 173 grams and a bracelet of 125 grams. 

The suspect claimed to have sold the jewelry to a jeweler on Ladesmastraat. Diligent efforts are underway to track down the so-called ‘First Lady of Guyana’.


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