Police Force to cover wake, funeral expenses for schoolgirl killed speeding Police vehicle

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Dead: Kayla Barnabas

Deputy Commissioner Calvin Brutus, who is performing the duties of Commissioner of Police on Thursday morning met with the bereaved family of 12-year-old Kayla Barnabas.

The young lady, a student of the West Demerara Secondary School in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) was killed in an accident on Wednesday afternoon on the Goed Fortuin Public Road, West Bank Demerara (WCD).

The accident involved the Guyana Police Force‚Äôs motor pickup GXX 6575 which was at the time being driven by a Police Corporal whose name has not yet been disclosed by the Police.  He is however under close arrest. They Break News understands that the child was hit while using the pedestrian crossing.

Meanwhile, Brutus communicated to the parents of the child that the Police Force will be footing the bill for the wake and funeral expenses. The family is also assured that a thorough investigation into the circumstances which led to the accident has already commenced.

The Guyana Police Force extends condolences to the parents, relatives, schoolmates, and friends of Barnabas. Deputy Commissioner Brutus is accompanied on his visit by the Divisional Commander, head of the Community Relations Arm of the Force, and faith-based members.

A team of Police ranks led by Deputy Commissioner Calvin Brutus visited the bereaved family of 12-year-old Kayla Barnabas earlier today


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