Police constable under close arrest following fatal accident in WCB


A 36-year-old detective Police constable has been placed under close arrest after being involved in a fatal accident. He has been identified as Ashook Lachmipersaud of Bath Settlement Village, West Coast Berbice (WCB). The dead pedestrian is 36-year-old Quacy David of Lot 621 No. 30 Village, WCB.

A Police report said that the accident occurred on Sunday at around 15:45 hours at Number 28 Public Road, WCB. Motorcar PNN 551 which was driven by Lachmipersaud was proceeding east along the northern drive lane on the said road at a speed of about 70 to 75 kmph.

It was alleged by the cop that the pedestrian suddenly walked out from an access road on the northern side of the said road from north to south straight across the road into his path. Lachmipersaud said he applied brakes to avoid a collision but despite his efforts, the car collided with the pedestrian. 

As a result of the collision, the pedestrian fell onto the roadway and received injuries. He was picked up in an unconscious condition by Police and escorted to Fort Wellington Public Hospital where he was treated, and later transferred to New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he died.

The Police constable was taken to Fort Wellington Police Station where he was told to subject himself to a breathalyzer test, but he refused to do so. A notice of intended prosecution has not yet been served on him. He was placed under close arrest pending investigations.


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