Police constable arrested for withdrawing $500,000 from colleague’s bank account

Woman Constable 25700 Nelisha Mahaica

Female Police Constable 25700 Nelisha Mahaica was arrested after allegedly withdrawing money from a colleague’s account. 

They Break News understands that Mahaica, who is attached to the Mahaica Police station, went into her colleague’s bag and stole her Identification Card (ID) along with her Republic Bankcard.

 When the victim went into her bag looking for the bank card, she did not find it but brushed it off as being misplaced. 

The victim then went into the bank to get the card replaced, only to be told that “your bank account is empty.” 

The Bank Teller informed her that all her money was withdrawn from her account between the period of June 29 – July 6, 2021.

The cop was then issued a letter to report the matter, and an investigation was launched. Yesterday, investigators retrieved CCTV footage from Republic Bank when it was discovered that it was Mahaica behind the act.

 Nevertheless, the Police Constable was arrested and taken to the Beterverwaqting Police Station, where she confessed. 

When asked how she managed to get the officer’s pin number, Mahaica said that she has a special ability where she could hack into a person’s account. Mahaica is currently in police custody pending charges.

The bank statement reveals Mahaica withdrawals from her colleague’s bank account between June 29 to July 6, 2021.


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