Police constable, 3 GRA employees charged over driver’s licence fraud

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Caption: GRA employee Regal Jack (top left), Special Constable Winston Small (top right), GRA staffers Akeem Martin (bottom left) and Ruth Williams (bottom right)

Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) employees: Reguel Jack of 1695 Unity Place, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown; Akeem Martin of 19 Old Road Den Amstel,  West Coast Demerara and Ruth Williams of lot 27 A, Sera Lodge Stewartville, WCD;  as well as Police Special Constable Winston Small of 43 Avocado Place, East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, were all charged on Monday by the Special Organised Crime Unit  (SOCU) with computer-related forgery. 

Martin and Williams were charged jointly and Jack and Small were charged separately. They all appeared at Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly. After the charges were read to them, they pleaded not guilty and were each released on $100,000 bail. 

The matters will come up again on August 29 for trial. With the exception of Small who was unrepresented by an attorney-at-law, all the other defendants were legally represented in court.                        

Based on a report from the GRA, SOCU conducted an investigation which revealed that during the month of October 2021, Special Constable Small arranged with Shaquan Caesar, a minibus conductor,  who was working with Antoney Salaman Jacobs, a bus driver, that he can get a driver’s licence for him at a cost of GY$83,000 from GRA. 

Constable Small indicated to Caesar that he can use Jacobs’s driver’s licence and he will get someone to change the photograph. Caesar managed to get a photograph of Jacobs’s driver’s licence and on November 1, 2021, they both went to a clerk at Maraj Building, Georgetown and told her that Caesar is Jacobs and that he lost his driver’s licence and identification card and is requesting an affidavit to take to GRA to process his driver’s licence. 

The clerk drafted the affidavit in favour of Jacobs upon Caesar’s instruction and took it to a Justice of Peace who did not question but signed it. On November 1, 2021,  Constable Small took Caesar to GRA with the affidavit and Jack, a lodgment clerk at GRA took Caesar’s photograph via the Licence Revenue Processing System (LRPS) and processed a driver’s licence for him in the name of Jacobs with Jacobs’s driver’s licence details.  

The driver’s licence was issued to Caesar but he lost it two weeks after. On 16th December 2021 Small and Caesar again obtained another affidavit and went to GRA.  Martin, another lodgment clerk at GRA, took Caesar’s photograph via the LRPS and placed it onto Jacobs’s licence. 

He did the transaction without any form of identification.  The licence was keyed by Williams, the query clerk who certified that the transaction was authentic despite irregularities with the identification details and affidavit. Caesar was issued with another driver’s licence and on 25th January 2022, he was arrested for a traffic offence. 

He was questioned by the traffic rank who arrested him about his driver’s licence as the traffic rank was acquainted with the identity of Jacobs. Caesar admitted that he paid money to get the bogus licence. He was subsequently charged with forgery and uttering forged documents. 

He pleaded guilty and paid a fine.


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