Police Commissioner warns public against assaulting police ranks, says assailants will face the full brunt of the law

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Police Commissioner, Clifton Hicken speaking to traffic ranks of Police Regional Divisions 4 'A' and 4 'C'

“Anyone who feels they can assault and attack the police while carrying out their sworn duty to serve and protect will face the full brunt of the law,” Police Commissioner, Clifton Hicken has said as he called on the public to desist from such behaviour.

In wake of the growing attacks on police officers, particularly traffic officers, in recent days, Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken announced on Monday that the Guyana Police Force will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to violence against police ranks. He was at the time speaking to traffic ranks of Police Regional Divisions 4 ‘A’ and 4 ‘C’ during which he reminded them of the importance of maintaining professionalism at all times, despite the daily challenges faced while executing their duties.

While alluding to the Guyana Police Force’s motto, “Service and Protection,” Commissioner Hicken told the ranks they should remember and be continually guided by the Force’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which must be strictly adhered to at all times.

Hicken pointed out that the recent incidents of abuse being meted out to police ranks will not be tolerated. He also appealed to civilians not to take the law into their hands and attack police.

According to the police, within the past two weeks, there have been at least three reported cases of civilians not only abusing police traffic ranks while on duty but also physically attacking them in a blatant show of disrespect for the rule of law.

The assailants were all arrested and processed for court.


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