Pedal cyclist killed after struck down by car at WCB


Nevill Anthony Small, 24, is now dead after his pedal cycle allegedly collided with motorcar PTT 9673 which was being driven by Sandra Gittens, 45, of Lot 98 Brushe Dam Friendship, East Coast Demerara. The accident occurred at around 05:10h on Friday at the Profit Public Road, West Coast Berbice (WCB).


Gittens told the Police that she was proceeding east along the northern side of the Profit Public road at a normal rate of speed when she was blinded by the lights of a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. 


This, she said, caused her to collide with Small who was riding a bicycle proceeding west along the northern side of the road.  As a result of the impact, the pedal cyclist was thrown onto the front windscreen of the car, then onto the roadway, and received injuries to his head and body. 


He was picked up in an unconscious state and taken to Fort Wellington Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  The driver is in custody assisting with the continuing investigations.


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