Patrons laud Cricket Carnival road parade

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Spectator at the roundabout at the Kitty Seawall, Denise(Top left),Malika Russell(Middle right),Denzil St Hill(Middle left),Proprietor of Book-a-Ride, Ken Deocharran(Top left),Spectator, Darnell(Bottom left),Tourist from New York, Gibron(Bottom right)

A grand road parade culminated at the roundabout at the Kitty seawall, Georgetown on Sunday to bring the curtains down on two weeks of Guyana’s hosting of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Cricket Carnival events. 

The streets of the capital city were packed with Guyanese and visitors alike, the young and not so young, all seeking a grand time. 

Onlookers along the roundabout at Kitty Seawall shared their elation about the parade, food, music, bands, signature costumes, and atmosphere. 

Spectator, Darnell expressed, “I am excited. I am happy to be here. And I’m sporting my census cup. And the fun, the crowd, the ambience, and I’m here with some of my good friends. We’re having a good time. We’re just having a good time.” 

He said the carnival events have contributed massively to Guyana’s economy. 

“I know people who come here, you know, they wanna experience Kaieteur Falls, some our pristine rainforest and ecotourism products and so on. With respect to people coming here and witnessing what we have in terms of green tourism. That, I think, can contribute to taking [us] far and wide. And so, with cricket carnival coming here for three consecutive years, will afford us the opportunity of having eco-tourism products being showcased worldwide,” he said. 

Slingerz’s Wild West band participant, Monnet Crandon could not contain her enthusiasm while she voiced, “the atmosphere is very, very, very exciting. I was so happy. I was looking forward for this since last month. You won’t believe me. Since last month. And, I’m really, really happy that I’m here. The crowd, the music, and everything, it is so, so, so good.” 

She explained that the experience was “the time of her life”. 

Meanwhile, the proprietor of Book-a-Ride, Ken Deocharran said, “it’s [the road parade] been amazing so far, for the turnout, it’s a lot of people. It’s been great. I mean everyone in costumes, the party has been awesome.” 

Deocharran explained that his company has been in the market for six weeks and it has already completed about 10, 000 successful rides. 

Patron, Colleen Abbensetts said the turnout was wonderful and friendly. 

Spectator, Denzil St Hill, on the other hand, said, “This is my first time actually coming to a carnival in Guyana. And, so far, it has been exciting. Oh, and the music, is lovely. Don’t forget the food you know… The bands were amazing. I particularly liked this truck because they had the Soca. They had the music that kept you pumping and going. And that is important when it comes to the carnival. The music, the rhythm, the vibes, the food, the ladies. It was amazing.” 

Another spectator, Malika Russell expressed, “It is so energetic, full of energy, and life; and colourful. It is something that you feel so proud and patriotic, you know that we have carnival in Guyana. And not only do we get to enjoy ourselves but we get to showcase our country to the world; which is something that people can come to Guyana and look forward to fun, excitement, and definitely a vibe.” 

Russell said it was amazing to see not only Guyanese partaking in the bands and as spectators, but Trinidadians, Jamaicans, and Barbadians were also having fun. 

She related, “I felt as though it was definitely needed because sometimes, these things can work as therapy, where you can go somewhere and have clean, decent fun, doing something you love.” 

Another spectator at the roundabout at Kitty Seawall, Denise, stated that the road parade was a wonderful experience. 

A tourist from New York, Gibron shared, “It’s wonderful. It’s good being back home and seeing the vibes here. It takes me way back and you know I can’t miss out on an event like this. And it’s a good thing that we’re having this cricket carnival event. And I’m looking forward to the next two years of it.”


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