Opposition calls on VP Jagdeo to do the “decent thing” and resign

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Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton (left) and Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

A press statement from the Office of the Leader of Opposition follows:

President Irfan Ali and the PPP have an opportunity to be on the side of law and order and ensure the revelations in the Vice News Report are thoroughly investigated and allow the law to take its course. 

To do otherwise is to be accused of complicity with the alleged crimes of bribery and corruption that VP Jagdeo is being accused of. At a time when Guyana is poised to earn significant income from its oil and gas sector, it is imperative that action be taken to ensure that a good national example is set. 

Failure to address the allegations against the VP will signal to all in Guyana that bribery and corruption are condoned by the PPP government. It is also an indication that the PPP is self-imposing the Dutch disease on Guyana. 

It is even more worrying when it is noted that VP Jagdeo himself says that “people are coming to Guyana to make money.” How crude! 

While investors are, and must be welcomed to Guyana, it should not be entertained outside of the confines of the law and authorised offices. From the revelations in the Vice News Report, it is clear that the VP, as a senior government official, is purportedly guaranteeing foreign investors the support of the PPP government outside of the confines of the law and his authority. 

This is a clear indication that the state is being further criminalized and not being accountable, a distinction it gained when it was last in government. 

It is in this context that we must view the government’s unwillingness to establish the Procurement Commission and their passing a Motion in Parliament that puts control of the quorum of the Public Accounts Committee in the hands of the government, which was never the intention of Parliament. 

Clearly the PPP does not want any transparency, accountability and the rule of law in Guyana. The Leader of the Opposition condemns the actions of the PPP in reversing all the measures put in place by the APNU+AFC to ensure transparency and accountability and calls on the government to take immediate action to bring a halt to every accusation of high level of corruption in government. 

The Leader of the Opposition believes that VP Jagdeo should do the decent thing and resign to facilitate an unbiased investigation. Failure to do so should result in the President relieving him of his appointment as Vice President and ordering a full 2 investigation into the allegations against him. 

Failure of the President to do so will further indicate that the PPP is a corrupt outfit that does not only facilitate corruption, but is itself corrupt.


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