No increase in fares for river taxis, MARAD urges passengers to report operators requesting additional sums

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Water taxis at the Stabroek Stelling

Boat operators that continue to raise the prices will face sanctions, according to the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD).

MARAD said that it is aware that some operators have been asking for additional service fees more than the approved fare of $100. The agency has announced that there is no increase and passengers using river taxis between Georgetown and Vreed-en-Hoop are urged to report any boat operator who demands more than the regular fares.

The fares listed below are still in effect.

1. Georgetown/Vreed-en-Hoop – $100 

2. Parika/Supernaam – $1300 

3. Parika/Wakenaam – $1000 

4. Parika/Leguan – $500 

5. Parika/Bartica – $2500


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