Nigerian man found guilty of scamming elderly woman out of her life savings


Nigerian national, Uche Raymond Okoye also known as Uche Parker who is currently facing several fraud-related charges at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, has been found guilty of 10 of them

He was found guilty by Magistrate Annette Singh on 10 counts of obtaining money by false pretense committed on a 65-year-old woman.

Uche, according to the prosecution, preyed on the elderly woman via Whatsapp and Facebook by falsely claiming that he had a package intended for her. 

The prosecutor told the court that he lied to the gullible woman that the package included money and other valuables and caused her to transfer monies from her bank account to other local accounts 10 times as she believed that he indeed had a package for her.

The elderly woman testified that during October and November 2020, she transferred her life savings totaling a little over $6 million to different accounts of persons unknown to her on Uche’s instructions.

She testified that she was a vendor all her life and believed that the person she met on Facebook did indeed send a package with money.  Persons also testified that monies were sent to their accounts and that they received a percentage after withdrawing the said deposits.

Uche Raymond Okoye is suspected to be part of a criminal network involving Nigerian nationals who collaborate with other associates to solicit cash from their victims by promising high valued merchandise to be delivered following the payment of a charge or fee.

Uche Raymond Okoye was charged on February 24, 2021, with obtaining money by false pretense contrary to Section 194 of the Criminal Law (Offences) Act. 

He will return to court on November 11 for sentencing. 

The matter was prosecuted by Attorney-at-law Tuanna Hardy from the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), while Uche Raymond Okoye was represented by Attorney-at-law Melvin Duke.


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