Minister Sukhai urges Baramita residents to help develop agriculture sector


Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai has advised the residents of Baramita in Region One (Barima-Waini) to make good use of the fertile lands in their community to develop the agriculture sector which will secure the village’s need for local food consumption.

The Amerindian Affairs Minister offered this advice while distributing a $4.8 million tractor and trailer to the village council on Friday. The Minister also said the tractor plays an important role in boosting agricultural and forestry sector development and reducing the cost of transportation in the community.

She told the residents to use the machinery for the expansion of food security in their village and the country while noting that the Government is also providing young people in the hinterland communities with the opportunity to train and become certified operators of such equipment. 

“The tractor also comes with a plough and a chipper, that is to boost the expansion in the agriculture cultivation so it’s not only going to be useful for forestry and transportation, but agriculture as an important part of village food security expansion, we need to secure food.”

“So, we are advancing even to ensure that young people will be certified to operate vehicles, whether it’s boat and engines, whether it’s a tractor, whether it’s a lorry, a pickup, a minibus, we will ensure that our young people will be trained and certified to be able to operate those vehicles provided by the government,” the minister added.

Additionally, in keeping with the Government’s commitment to distribute tractors to the 137 hinterland communities in 2021, the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs also provided a hydraulic dump trailer, a plough, and a chipper to the communities. The tractor was handed over to the Baramita village council, which will be responsible for operating and maintaining the machine.

The new tractor donated to Baramita village will boost agriculture development, forestry and transportation
Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP speaking with residents of Baramita


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