Minister Kwame Mc Coy spreads Christmas cheer to Agricola children

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Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame Mc Coy on Friday shared Christmas cheer as he distributed toys to hundreds of children of Agricola, East Bank Demerara.

Minister Mc Coy explained that various government officials have also been conducting toy distribution exercises to ensure that children can experience the true meaning of the season.

“The Christmas season is one in which children look forward to gifts and toys, and so we have been distributing toys to several communities across the country. Various ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs) of the government have been part of this exercise so I’m here in Agricola on the East Bank of Demerara to spread the Christmas joy,” the Minister said.

The Public Affairs Minister stated that even though the holidays are being celebrated during the pandemic, persons must adhere to the COVID-19 protocols to keep themselves safe. 

“We have been, as a government working to make sure that we can create the conditions to enable people to be able to celebrate Christmas in the usual way, in a way that will make their families happy… [we are] again this year, celebrating the Christmas season with the pandemic in our midst, which means that we still have to be very careful and mindful that the virus is still in operation,” Minister Mc Coy added.

The Minister urged everyone to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines as 2022 will be a very exciting year for Guyana. He expressed the hope that everyone will be around to experience the transformation that will be unfolding in the country.

“We’re hoping to have a very early budget which we can begin to roll out more programmes for people so that we can continually build on the successes of being able to create wealth and conditions for people’s development,” said Minister Mc Coy.




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