Minister Benn encourages Indigenous people to enlist in Joint Services

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A section of Toshaos at the National Toshaos Council Conference

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, is encouraging Indigenous people to embrace all opportunities to join the country’s security forces, as the government drives steadfastly to create equal opportunity for all Guyanese.

“We want to have young amerindian people and others who are not represented to rush to join up whether it’s the Police Force, whether it’s the army, whether it’s the Prison Service, we want representative participation in those forces,” he said.

He was speaking to Toshaos and other officials at the National Toshaos Council (NTC) Conference on Thursday.

During his presentation, Minister Benn highlighted the government’s plans of creating a modern national security force inclusive of the Guyana Defence Force, Guyana Police Force, Guyana Fire Service, and Guyana Prison Service and reiterated that the process is an inclusive one.

“You too have to play a significant role in securing your communities and supporting the national interest in respect of security.”

Additionally, Minister Benn expressed the government’s commitment to further improving the physical environment and provision of training for members of the security forces.

“We have been working particularly in respect of building new Police stations or rehabilitation of some of those in the hinterland areas, particularly Charity, Imbaimadai, Kamarang, Kurupung, Kato, Yarikita and Baramita at this moment,” he said.

He noted this move is strategic not only to ensure officers are afforded a comfortable space to perform their duties but also to improve the quality of services offered.

Acknowledging the increase in the number of rural constables and the role of community policing over the past two years in the hinterland regions, the Home Affairs Minister commended the village leaders on the success of community policing in their respective communities. 

“I think we have more than doubled the number of groups countrywide and also the number of members of the community in the community policing groups.”

He also explained that as part of the government’s security reform process, persons who were incarcerated will now have an opportunity to reform their lives.

“We’re talking about a fresh start where persons who are in prison are rehabilitated but in terms of reintegration that they are trained up and given the tools of a new trait, a trait that they have chosen and trained in, to move on,” he explained.


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