M&CC removing unregulated stalls at Stabroek Market area

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Mayor of the capital city of Georgetown Ubraj Narine this morning engaged vendors during the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) cleaning and sanitization exercise at the Stabroek Market. 

City officials also destroyed several unregulated stalls after vendors flouted a notice to have them removed. The Mayor indicated that vendors must be protected as they continue to do business in the city. He stressed the commitment of the Council to provide opportunities for its citizens.  

“Vendors are essential to our city, you are entrepreneurs who consistently come out despite the weather to do business and that must be commended”, Mayor Narine asserted. 

During the exercise, he indicated that the Council will continue to monitor vendors and will not encourage illegal structures. He indicated that the Council has engaged the Guyana Police Force to assist the City Constabulary in enforcement.

“Our responsibility to you is to maintain order, we expect you to work with us to ensure that your area is kept clean and that no lawlessness is encouraged. When we work together everyone benefits”, he stated.

The Council in September 2021 approved the initiative to clean and sanitize the markets. Senior Officers of the Municipality were mobilized to provide logistical and administrative support.




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