Man stabbed by sister’s ‘child father’


A 32-year-old man was on Sunday stabbed by the father of his sister’s child. A statement from Police Headquarters said that the incident took place at around 18:50 hours at Bush Lot Village, Berbice.

They Break News understands that the suspect once shared a relationship with the victim’s sister and they have a child together. 

It is alleged that the suspect went to the victim’s home to collect the child. 

While the 32-year-old man was opening the gate, the suspect drew a knife from the waist of his pants and dealt him several stabs to his upper chest and both hands.

The victim was immediately rushed to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where he was examined.

He was later referred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he was admitted as a patient. He is in a stable condition.

Checks were made for the suspect but he was not found. Investigations are ongoing.


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