Man smashes truck windshield after being asked to reverse car


A man took a brick and smashed the windshield of a motor lorry belonging to a businessman after he was asked to reverse the car he was driving. The lorry belongs to 29-year-old Varunesh Gopaul, a businessman, of Lot  3-30 King Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice.

A Police report said that the incident took place at around 18:30 hours on Wednesday at Fort Ordnance Housing Scheme, East Canje, Berbice.

Latchman Singh, who is employed by Gopaul as a driver, said that he was heading to Fort Ordinance, Housing Scheme in the lorry when he approached a junction at a street.

As he arrived there, he said he saw a white Toyota Premio motorcar approaching. Singh said he stopped the truck and asked the driver of the car to reverse his vehicle to allow him to pass since the street is narrow.

However, Singh said the driver of the car became annoyed and began verbally abusing him while threatening to chop him. According to Singh, the driver picked up a piece of mud and pelt same at him but he did not retaliate.

He said that man then threw a brick at him and the lorry. Singh said that the lorry windshield cracked after which the driver entered the motorcar and drove away.

A report was made to the Police and checks were made for the driver of the motorcar but he was not found. An investigation is ongoing.


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